Children EP

by Europa

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released April 28, 2015

All music and lyrics written by Europa.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Santiago Mesa.
Guest vocals on Capsized by Catalina Garcia and on Elegy by Cory Worsley.
Album art by Anthony Grasso and Jared Woodward.

Europa is:
Santiago Mesa
Phil Alberts
Jared Woodward
Alec Eddinger



all rights reserved


Europa Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Lydian
Contact, contact,
It started raining fear
Contact, constant
anticipation of...
Contact, wake up
Come and take me apart
Breed this onslaught
We've been dead from the start
To whom we attribute this loss;
They're taking us out one by one, my god
Swift and violent
Come and take us apart
Leave us extinct, burn us all
Contact, contact,
It started draining light
Conscience, come back
Contact, Contact
They started bringing hope
Contact, Construct
They came and saved our home
Track Name: Capsized
Where does this leave me?
Contradicting all my beliefs
Indecision breached
Will my hope survive and break free
Stay afloat or sink
Either way you'll fall in too deep
I accept this fate
Leave a note and mark on my grave
Where does this leave me?
What have I to lose in this world?
Reason died in me
So I'll trust my hate to push through
Stay afloat or sink
All you’ve come to know has been changed
Reason’s dead in you
No amount of love can get through
Track Name: Immutable
All my life
It's like the first thing that I ever did was feel it
Living inside, Breathing inside, Swimming inside me
And if the only thing I ever do is see it
Spinning around, Swimming around, Streaming around you
Spinning around, Streaming around you
Swimming inside, Screaming inside me
Oh my life
It's like the only thing I ever need to feel is
Swimming inside, Screaming inside, Dreaming inside me
And if the last thing that I ever do is feel it
Screaming inside, Dreaming inside, Living inside me
Track Name: Mutable
I gave my life to you because I exist for you
These crimes of heaven are stealing our love
These crimes of heaven are spilling our blood
I still live for you because I'm defined by you
God, my god, their blood, my god
So much pain... Where were you all this time? Have you left them?
I gave my life to you but I can't lie to you
They're on their knees, god, my god
Why can't you hear them, god? my god
Stranded on an island of my thoughts and I...
I can't help but remember everything we've lost
I'm waiting on a moment I can say you tried
I just want to forgive you and reclaim my sight
Stranded on an island of distress and doubt
I won't be part of something I know isn't right
I'm waiting on the moment I can shake your lie
I'm stranded on an island that's inside my mind
It's in my mind
Stems from inside
It's in my mind
Changed from inside
Track Name: Elegy
He broke silence just to brighten truth
Expressed angst towards such a horrid abuse
Said, “Fear faith as if it follows pain”
Then begged, “Stay strong till we’ve fallen away”
“You’ll find hope” he said, “Just turn away
The truth finds us and we’re destined to stay
Love’s still constant, just contrast the hate
Now find peace soon we’ll be fading away”
“Life lingers, in this dire strait
The air pales as we start fading away
Our lungs scream for life, ignore the pain
Just don’t struggle, love, we’re falling away”
Track Name: Coda
You can't hide you're part of this
Deep inside you're cowering
The pale lies you've come to accept
Echo in your guilt-ridden breath
You can't hide you're part of this
Remorse bides the time that lasts
Deep inside you've come to accept
It's all over darkness thrives

I'll have to stick around tonight
But I'll be gone and you'll never have to see me again
I'll take my sin away from you
But I can't believe it's you again