Stage 0

by Europa

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This EP is one of the most important things we've accomplished in our lives. Please take a listen and buy it if you enjoy it!


released 11 November 2013

Stage 0 was tracked at Valencia Community College in Orlando and at our houses. Mixed and mastered by Santiago Mesa except "Vessel" Mastered by Paige Coley. Produced by Europa.

Friends on our EP:
Drums by Grant Clark.
In "Vessel", Lead vocals by Paige Coley and background vocals by Karina Bonin. Outro bass lead by Christian Leon.
In "E", percussion by Preston Mitchell
Album art by Anthony Grasso.



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Track Name: Angel
Scream louder, and testify it’s holy work you’ve done
Deluded cowards, how dare you dictate who we should love
Lean over and fall witness to what you have done
Neglect our rights, you have brought shame upon what has begun

Let’s just sit back and speculate.
It’s happening everyday.

No honor in what you declare an honest way
Fear driven power crushing dreams and families everyday
Struck down in hate and fear of every move you make.
How does it feel to turn your face away from everything.

We can’t just sit back and speculate
It’s happening everyday

Your actions can’t be justified by saying we’re wrong
Turn around and see that no one here is waging a war
Oh as we slowly learn to speak, the truth will arise
All the bigotry will be perceived as seen through our eyes

Keep our courage strong as we hold the line
May the righteous rise by no moral crime
Set the stage on fire as we burn for truth
Hold the weary up and we’ll mend their wounds
We can do this right if we learn through time
We can do this right. give me peace of mind

Come, lose fate, force out truth
Bring forth the brave new
Learned love, from lost souls
Stand up. We are one
Track Name: Vessel
Lets call home our dreams (so forever we sleep)
Set to sail we’re free (lonely lives we leave)
Find a way to shore (and we’ll humbly want more)
Time won’t stop for us (let’s raise the hope we share and wake from this nightmare)

I won't let fate fool me
Illusion consumes me
all I see is my abstract glory
that I’ve trusted so much
and so I must let this lead me
Track Name: Mila
Breathe from the scent of what I have in mind

Rise and descend
This ship will take to flight
Rise and defend
For this we have to fight

Open your mind and
Take a look from inside of me
See the strings hang like machines
Breaking free from hypocrisy
Truth will wake the slumbering

‘Cause we’ve got to find the answers
We’ve got to move along
And I swear we’ll get a moment
I swear we’ll prove them wrong

Take us out
Bring your prejudice and ignorance
You won’t force us down
Take our side
‘Cause the slumber will relinquish soon
You won't hold us down

We hold the answers
We are one
Track Name: Jane
Well I’m staying behind 'cause all I know
is staying around wondering
and I know I’ll be fine but all I know...

'Cause I've heard the fall is too high and all I know
is staying around wondering
and I know I’ll be fine but all I know...
Track Name: E
Bring your bruised, broken, misguided
And we'll show we're not short sighted
Open arms, love, rights, acceptance
will save the ones who you have left behind

Scream we’re safe, then whisper we’re damned
You hide our portraits
So scream we’re damned

We’ll find power through scaling the walls you built
Oh the fallacy keeps selling us faith and filth
Over? we’re not done, no one’s leaving
When will we evolve beyond such a pointless hatred
And past such a hurtful mind

I’ll live by this forever it’s a part of me
My love will not surrender to hypocrisy
It swallows me

All these years of pain and war
All these things we could have done